Love. Breathe. Play

To me, yoga is playing with eyes of curiosity, open hearts and breaths. I started this journey purely on my mat, inside the studio within my own bubble only focusing on postures and the physical part of the practice. Then I realized yoga is a way of life, off the mat, being more mindful each moment, watching your thought patterns and consistently trying to be a better person than you were yesterday. I learn from my teachers each day with gratitude and I welcome each student as everyone is my teacher. I humbly bow and share what I have learned with everyone who comes to the class.

I have completed my 200 hours Naked Truth Elite Yoga Training in Vancouver, Canada in April of 2015 and since then I have continually studied with senior teachers, Bel Carpenter and Emily Longfellow to expand my practice. I love the dynamics and flowing movements naked truth style offers. And Bel and Emily, the founders of Vimana Yoga in Colorado have guided me in depth through 120 hour training which consisted of hot yoga, fusion and yin/ hatha styles.  Through physical part of the practice, we train our bodies to become strong and our minds as well. Just when I thought I couldn’t do anymore, I tapped into my inner strength by taking deep breaths and let go of uncomfortable feelings. Once I accepted where I was and tried to play with my edges, I discovered I was a lot stronger than I thought I was. It has been such a rewarding journey so far.

I love combining creative sequences to spark our inner child and playfulness. See you on your mat soon. Can’t wait till I meet you lovely yogis!

Love and Gratitude,
Jenn xx